It all began with the purchase of our first camera; a well-thought investment and nifty companion to our first trip together across the world. Not only did it gift us the chance to bring a little bit of Indonesia to our nearest and dearest, the camera sparked a creative journey in photography and videography that would later become Lex & Benjamin. 

Working as a team has always been a big dream of ours and “togetherness” is at the core of our business model. Blending our creative brains together to bring you the perfect mementos to life’s greatest moments, or to elevate your business with killer content, the horizons are endless when it comes to inspiring human connection. From wedding photography, family portraits, and corporate events; we can do it all.  

Hi everyone, I’m Lex

My passion in photography really hit the ground running after the sudden loss of my mother. Realizing I didn’t have many pictures of us together, I found myself missing memories I wanted to preserve, and wishing I had through the lens of a camera. I quickly found myself carrying one around more and more, capturing everything and anything so that I could collect visual keepsakes of my experiences. My hopes in this business is to bring the same uplifting feeling I experience when looking back at a happy memory to my clients. 

Salut, hi, I’m Benjamin

Fun fact: I’m a big visual learner. The process of film— from production and shooting to post-production editing and correction— is what drove me to this career path. Each project I work on is different from the next and I always look forward to growing my skillset with each collaboration. To keep up with the trends, I believe in constant learning; seeking out ways of improving, and to always experiment with new forms of film creation and process. Nonetheless, my main objective is to best tell your story through our lens of expertise.